Industries We Serve

No matter your industry, even if you are “high risk” and have been turned away from other companies, FullPayment will work with you to find the perfect solution to your payment processing needs.

Accounting/CPA/Tax Prep Firms

Avoid the hassle with traditional banks. Integrate our payment processing gateway with your accounting software and provide your clients with a variety of payment options.

Car Dealers

Car sales no longer happen strictly on the lot. No one solution will work for every dealer. We will work with you to find your perfect, unique solution and integrate it seamlessly into your business.

Construction and HVAC

These types of businesses often process payments through business to business, mail order, invoices, corporate credit cards, or other atypical transactions. FullPayment will ensure your payments are being processed with the highest level of security and information capture often required.

Digital Content Downloads

Get a payment processing suite tailored to your specific needs and minimize the risk that often accompanies these businesses with our state-of-the-art fraud protection and security.

Drop Shipping

Accepting card payments is imperative for success and you’ll need a payment processor who can handle your unique needs. FullPayment can quickly and easily get you set you up, help keep your customers happy, and minimize the risk of fraud and chargebacks often associated with these businesses.


As one of the largest industries in the world, there are unique challenges to running a business in this field. Whether you own a small theater, a mobile gaming company, a comedy club, or any other entertainment venue, you’ll need a robust payment processor to keep chargebacks at a minimum, deal with the fallout of cancellations, and keep on top of your high volume business.

Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoor Equipment

As one of the country’s largest industries, offering online sales is a necessity. You’ll need a secure and efficient processor like FullPayment to stay on top of your high-volume business.

Food and Beverage

Businesses such as distilleries, wineries, caterers, and other food and liquor suppliers need the ability to accept and process credit card payments. We can integrate with your current system or help you build something entirely new.

Healthcare and Telemedicine Services

Whether you are a chiropractor, family doctor, dermatologist, specialist, or offer telemedicine services, you need a way for your patients to securely pay for your services. FullPayment will integrate the solution best suited for your office while maintaining the highest level of security and HIPAA protections.

Legal Services

Your clients have unique needs and may need a variety of payment options. FullPayment offers secure and efficient solutions for all your processing needs.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

These companies encompass a wide variety of industries, from beauty products to kitchen accessories to clothing. This industry especially will benefit from FullPayment’s robust fraud and chargeback protection along with quick, efficient payment processing.

Moving and Transportation Companies

Servicing customers who will be moving from place to place necessitates flexibility when it comes to where and how you accept payments. Get the online gateway you need without sacrificing security or efficiency.

Nutraceuticals and Supplements

One of the world’s fastest growing industries, it can still be a hassle to get set up with a reliable payment processing company. Take advantage of FullPayment’s quick and established solutions and watch your business grow.

Property Management

Simplify rent collection and offer your tenants a variety of ways to pay. Let them pay online, with automatic scheduled payments, and more. They have flexibility and you can be assured that your payment processing is secure, efficient, and stress-free!

Saas Companies

Software as a Service companies have grown exponentially and providing a variety of payment options for your clients is necessary to keep your company on the cutting edge. Take advantage of FullPayment’s flexible payment processing, sophisticated risk management, and fraud protection.

SEO and SEM Services

The logistics of this type of company will necessitate accepting credit cards and online payments. FullPayment can provide you with the secure gateway, recurring payment capabilities, and high-risk fraud protection that you need.


For companies that offer subscriptions or trials relying on recurring payments, the ability to process credit cards is key. FullPayment can provide a secure and efficient processing infrastructure that will provide your customers with the payment options they need to keep their subscriptions coming.

Tobacco Products and Accessories

Banks may hesitate to approve merchant accounts for businesses selling cigars and tobacco products due to stringent regulation, but FullPayment will partner with your business to integrate the best processing options for your company.


We know you offer unique services, be they in-office, in-exam room, or on the road, and we are here to ensure your payment processing is tailored to your specific needs.

Bail Bonds

With such a high-risk business, it may be difficult to find reliable payment processing options elsewhere. But FullPayment has you covered! We’ll set you up with a secure payment gateway that will take care of all your processing needs.

Conferences and Seminars

Online conferences and seminars are growing in popularity but can be prone to cancellations and chargebacks. You need a payment processing system that is diligent in catching chargebacks and equipped to handle high risk businesses.

Debt Consolidation and Credit Repair

These businesses by their very nature are considered high risk. They also require the ability to process recurring payments while combating the risk of fraud and chargebacks. FullPayment will work with you to establish the processing network needed to service your clients.

Document Preparation

Whether you conduct your business online or in person, FullPayment can handle all your payment processing needs while keeping you safe from data breaches, payment interruption, and disputes.


In the highly competitive field of online electronic sales, you need a payment processor that can beat the competition and keep you at the top of your game.

Financial Institutions

No matter the unique needs of your particular institution, be it a bank, credit union, loan association, or other establishment, FullPayment will work closely with you to find the perfect processing solution for your members.


Keep your clients’ data safe, take advantage of advanced reporting and analytics, and outperform your competition with a payment processor that can keep up with your high volume, fast-paced processing needs.

Firearms and Guns

With such a high-volume, high-risk business, you’ll need a dynamic payment processor with strong fraud protection that can get you up and running quickly and more securely.


From court fees and traffic tickets to licensing needs to public utilities, many government agencies have a marked need to process a high volume of online payments in a variety of unique situations. No matter the agency, FullPayment can meet all necessary processing needs while keeping sensitive data secure.

Hemp and CBD Products

While use of hemp products is expanding, these businesses are still considered high risk and as such may have a difficult time finding secure, reliable payment processing. No matter your processing needs, FullPayment will get you up and running in no time!

Lodging and Travel

The ability to offer online booking and reservations is a vital necessity for lodging, hospitality, and travel related businesses. FullPayment will ensure you can do so safely, efficiently, and hassle-free.

Money Services (MSB)

Money service businesses specialize in the transfer and collection of money. We have a variety of solutions to keep your business running with the utmost efficiency and security.


The ability to accept online payments from donors, vendors, suppliers, and other establishments is a vital part of these unique businesses. FullPayment will ensure your organization is able to accept payments with the highest level of security and without all the hidden fees and rates that would cut into your profits.

Professional Services

Whatever unique service you offer, you need an equally unique solution for processing client payments. FullPayment will work with you to find the best and most efficient solution for your business.

Retail Stores

No matter what you sell, whether it’s handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, or custom artwork, FullPayment will help you integrate the perfect payment solutions for your unique business.

Self Defense

As this industry often incorporates items that are considered weapons such as tasers and stun guns, it may be difficult to find a payment processor willing to take on your business. FullPayment specializes in high risk industries and can provide you with the payment processing solutions you need to make your business a success.

Sports Betting Advice

Accept payments online and over the phone and mitigate the high volume of possible chargebacks and fraud with FullPayment’s robust security and flexible payment processing options.

Tech Support Services

With services being conducted online or over the phone, the ability to accept non-cash payments is vital to this industry. We can cover all your processing needs and protect your sensitive client data with our enhanced fraud protection and security services.

Vape and eCigs

With services being conducted online or over the phone, the ability to accept non-cash payments is vital to this industry. We can cover all your processing needs and protect your sensitive client data with our enhanced fraud protection and security services.

Web Design Services

As an online business selling often high-priced services, traditional banks and processors view web design as high risk. FullPayment has all the solutions you need to minimize security and fraud risks, process your payments, set up invoicing or virtual terminals, and anything else needed to keep your business running and successful.

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